kin shop

for my brother’s birthday we went to top chef harold’s new thai restaurant in the west village, kin shop.  i thought everything was pretty tasty, if not as tasty as sripriphai in queens… but then again… that place is probably the best thai food ever.  the consensus was that the food was good but not amazing, and while my sister really wanted a pic with harold, she was a little embarrassed by R’s comments that the chef was only famous due to top chef within earshot of said top chef who was behind us in the open kitchen.  i enjoyed everything though… even if it’s not the best thai food ever.

some type of tartare which i didn’t try

scallops with snap peas… solid dish

i think this was the crispy oyster and pork… sounded good on the menu, was good… how would you screw up crispy oysters and pork though?

bone marrow- yummy!

an indian tasting soup…

snapper, which was quite delicious

a yummy duck dish

thai noodles…

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